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Sunglasses - Miu Miu - SMU 11WS - 12T1D0 TRANSPARENT ORANGE // PINK
Miu Miu
Sunglasses - Miu Miu - SMU 06YS - VAU06B  HAVANA HONEY // DARK BROWN
Miu Miu
Sunglasses - Miu Miu - SMU 06YS - 1AB5S0  BLACK // DARK GREY
Miu Miu
Sunglasses - Miu Miu - SMU 08YS - 12M10B  ORANGE // ORANGE
Miu Miu
Sunglasses - Miu Miu - SMU 09WS - 1BO5S0 MATTE BLACK // DARK GREY
Miu Miu
Sunglasses - Miu Miu - SMU 11WS - 15H5S0  GREEN // DARK GREY
Miu Miu
Sunglasses - Miu Miu - SMU 06YS - 1425S0  WHITE // DARK GREY
Miu Miu
Sunglasses - Miu Miu - SMU 12WS - 1AB5S0 BLACK // DARK GREY
Miu Miu
Sunglasses - Miu Miu - SMU 52YS - ZVN20F  PALE GOLD // PINK MIRROR GOLD
Miu Miu
Sunglasses - Miu Miu - SMU 11YS - 1AB5D1  BLACK // GREY GRADIENT
Miu Miu

Also discover the new MIU MIU frames

Frames - Miu Miu - VMU 11XV - 15T1O1 CARAMEL TRASPARENT
Miu Miu
Frames - Miu Miu - VMU 04UV - 19L1O1  ANISE OPAL
Miu Miu
Frames - Miu Miu - VMU 01VV - 1AB1O1  BLACK
Miu Miu
Frames - Miu Miu - VMU 07XV - VAU1O1 HONEY HAVANA
Miu Miu
Frames - Miu Miu - VMU 06VV - 12M1O1  ORANGE
Miu Miu
Frames - Miu Miu - VMU 03XV - 15Q1O1  TRANSPARENT BORDEAUX
Miu Miu
Miu Miu
Frames - Miu Miu - VMU 05VV - 11Q1O1  STRIPED TOBACCO
Miu Miu
Frames - Miu Miu - VMU 02XV - 11T1O1  SAND TRANSPARENT
Miu Miu
Frames - Miu Miu - VMU 04UV - 1AB1O1 BLACK
Miu Miu


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  • BOSS Hugo Boss
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  • Carolina Herrera
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  • Chopard
  • David Beckham Eyewear
  • Dior
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  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Donna Karan New York
  • Dsquared2
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  • Emporio Armani
  • Fendi
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  • Gucci
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  • Havaianas
  • HUGO Hugo Boss
  • Isabel Marant
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Love Moschino
  • M Missoni
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs
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  • Max & Co
  • MaxMara
  • Michael Kors
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  • Miu Miu
  • Moschino
  • Oakley
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  • Oxydo
  • Paul Smith
  • Persol
  • Polaroid
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  • Police
  • POLO Ralph Lauren
  • Prada
  • Prada Linea Rossa
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Our brands: Adidas, Alain Mikli, Arnette, Hugo Boss, Burberry, Bvlgari, Carolina Herrera, Carrera, Chopard, David Beckam, Dolce & Gabbana, Dsquared2, Emporio Armani, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Guess, Havaianas, Isabel Marant, Jimmy Choo, Love Moschino, Lozza, M Missoni, Marc Jacobs, Max & Co, MaxMara, Michael Kors, Missoni, Miu Miu, Moschino, Oakley, Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith, Persol, Polaroid, Police, Polo, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Ray-Ban®, Smith, Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Tous, Versace, Vogue...

Sunglasses are not only a fashion accessory, they are also a very important element when it comes to protecting our sight, since UV rays can seriously damage it, so we will show you the different types of SOLAR FILTERS that exist in the market:

  • Filtro 0: They are very clear lenses, capable of absorbing 0% to 19% of light. They should be used especially indoors, at night and outdoors when there are very overcast skies. They are suitable for driving in all circumstances.
  • Filtro 1: This type of filter is capable of absorbing between 20% and 56% of light thanks to its slightly colored lenses. They are mainly used in light light conditions (urban areas). They are not suitable for night driving.
  • Filtro 2: Lenses belonging to this group are characterized by being moderately colored and are capable of absorbing between 57% to 81% of light. They are usually used in medium sunlight conditions. They are not suitable for night driving.
  • Filtro 3: These highly colored lenses are ideal for high-brightness environments (spring, summer, beach, mountain and outdoor areas) as they are capable of blocking between 82% and 92% of light. They are not suitable for night driving.
  • Filtro 4: This type of lens is indicated to be used in high mountain areas, skiing or water sports, where the luminosity is extreme. Because they are capable of absorbing up to 98% of light, they are not suitable to be used for driving even during the day.

At we have a wide catalog, where you can always find the model you like the most to combine health and aesthetics. sunglasses y frames for your day to day that will accompany you in your most special moments.

In addition, we are specialists in sports sunglasses. Models of  Sports sunglasses y Goggles Snow . We help you choose the ideal type of lens for your favorite sport:

PRIZM SNOW: If your sport is skiing, with these lenses you will increase the contrast between the snow and the changes in the surface of the terrain, working in a greater range of light conditions than a traditional Snow lens.

PRIZM ROAD: Ideal for road cycling as it detects small changes in the surface to be able to go faster and safer.

PRIZM TRAIL: If you practice mountain biking (MTB) this is your lens, with it you will be able to better appreciate the red and brown colors to be able to quickly avoid sand, roots and other transitions in environments of bright shadows and light.

PRIZM GOLF: If you play golf this is your lens. Improves contrast for better color distinction giving better depth perception to measure distance and condition of the grass.

PRIZM DAILY POLARIZED: This lens is the most versatile and is recommended for a wide variety of sports or also for everyday use. It combines Oakley's polarized HDO technology with crisp, glare-free clarity and turns pale colors warm for a more relaxing and enjoyable viewing experience.

You have all the models you need to protect your eyes on our portal

Forget about imitations, poor quality copies and products that will only harm your visual health. Our models are 100% original from official distributors and certified by their manufacturers.

We work so that you can access the best prices on the market without sacrificing the quality of our products one iota. It is made up of a group of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the optical sector. On our website you can find more than 25,000 references of Sunglasses, Frames, Sports sunglasses, Goggles Snow y and accessories for all types of users.

Sunglasses from the best brands

We have among others the most up-to-date collections of:

  • Sunglasses and frames  Ray-Ban®: With emblematic models and novelties such as Ray Ban Meteor or the classics Ray Ban Clubmaster
  • Sports glasses  Oakley: Perfect models for lovers of running and cycling. In addition, models of sports glasses for more casual styles.
  • Sports glasses Arnette: The sports glasses designed by and for lovers of extreme sports. Guaranteed by professionals from the world of sports.
  • Carrera: The glasses for those who take risks, those who seek a new, more innovative look. They are characterized by being light, flexible and resistant.
  • Persol: The Italian luxury sunglasses brand is the choice of discerning consumers. It is a retro icon of iconic movies. Glasses that imply elegance, safety and charm.
  • Sunglasses and frames Prada: A total respect for tradition, fashion and elegance. A flawless manufacturing, 100% guaranteed.
  • Glasses Dolce & GabbanaMarked by its retro line from the 50s, but also with innovative models such. In addition, this brand works very interesting models also from gafas de sol para hombre
  • Vogue : It is undoubtedly one of the brands most demanded by the female public. Thanks to their young spirit, and their fun models, but at the same time elegant, they bring us trends in sunglasses that are perfect for the most modern women.
  • Emporio Armani: In 1988 Armani launched its first design in sunglasses, making them an essential accessory in the world of fashion. Armani guarantees a perfect harmony between fashion and frame design.
  • Polo: A brand that knows how to be sporty, but at the same time elegant. The purest aristocratic American style, with deep roots of the American East Coast.
  • Polaroid: The brand expert in innovative technologies for sunglasses since 1937. Polarized lenses with different lines to reach all audiences. From the Sport line, through Premium and Polaroid Ancillaries (all of them polarized ). Choose your favorite!

Visit our  Óptica Online and you will find the brands, models and prices according to your needs. take care of your sight, being your online optician run by professionals with many years of experience.

Sunglasses and frames for the whole family

Enjoy with our range of brand sunglasses, new trends and models for this new season. Quality lenses, a reliable manufacture that guarantees that your sunglasses will last a lifetime.

We have glasses for everyone. You can find proposals in junior models such as  Polo Junior,  the models junior de Ray Ban® and a lot more.

On our website we have an infinity of models and brands , with risky, more classic, modern or discreet proposals. We have the model you need from the latest collection.

We offer you personalized service when buying sunglasses

If you have any questions or need advice before purchasing your glasses, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to, calling us at the phone number +34 963935074, through our chat or if you connect with us from your mobile through our WhatsApp 679147499.

All our distributors are official serving all the necessary guarantees. With our sunglasses you can take care of your eyesight, but also have your own style. In our extensive online catalog you will find a great variety for all styles.

At we have the perfect glasses that complete your look, more casual, formal or sporty. Because for every moment of the day you need to protect your eyes with good sunglasses or a good one frames.

Visit our website and enjoy the best prices on sunglasses and frames throughout the year. In the section outlet you can benefit from limited units and settlements of up to 50% DTO.

Take a look at our catalog and ask your questions with us. We will be happy to assist you in the shortest possible time.

The best quality in Sunglasses

All our sunglasses are original brands of official distributors and are served with all the accessories that the requested model carries and documentation that certifies its authenticity.

Top brands and top qualities in frames and sunglasses and the newest models are waiting for you at

Visit our online glasses store and enjoy the best prices throughout the year.

Thank you for trusting us and remember that on our website you will find QUALITY, SERVICE AND PRICE.


Frame and Sunglasses Shapes


 Aviator Sunglasses

One of the immortal styles in sunglasses and frames


 Cat Eye Sunglasses

Symbol of luxury and elegance. Perfect for both sunglasses and frames


Round Sunglasses

Retro style glasses, elegant and inspired by the 60s


Square Sunglasses

The style we all want. From the most classic to the most avant-garde

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